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Great Graphic Designer

Bella LiliComment
I am a blogging fool today.  Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful Lady I recently met on Etsy.  She is Sarah from OhmeOhmydesign on Etsy. 

I normally design all my graphics myself since I am so picky but, I just can't seem to create a banner that I love.  So I started searching through the 128 pages of Etsy Shop Banners and found one that stood out from the crowd.  It wasn't pink and it wasn't cute.  Which is monumental for Etsy, the home of cute fluffy pink stuff.  I am the rebellious seller who makes edgier stuff.  So cutie cutesy banner's do not work for me.

So anyways, I was thrilled with how quick I received my banner and with how great the communication was with Sarah.  I have bought so many things off Etsy and NEVER heard a peep from the seller.  I avoid those shops, and am not a repeat customer, if they do that.  Because if they care that little about me, then they do not need my money.  It's poor customer service.

So please take a look at her website and tell her Autumn sent you!