Valiant Heart + Rebellious Soul

Meet the Artist

Bella Lili2 Comments

Hello all,

My name is Autumn and I am the one woman show behind Bella Lili.  I have a blond Mohawk (this week, it changes often), green eyes and a slight temper.  I always have my head in the clouds.  I tend to shy away from the norm or do things that others expect.  I am a self-proclaimed sci-fi/fantasy dork.  I love books and mythology.  I immerse myself within world that my favorite authors have created.  

My creations come from my mind's eye while I am within those novels. 

Most times I feel my creations make themselves and I am just the hands that help them along.

Well that's it for my random bit of info about me.  I feel as if I know all of you, so it's only fair to introduce myself formally.