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Black Friday Sale & the Halloween Contest Winner

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A few updates and notifications...

First off...Sorry for my woefully late post regarding the blog contest.  I actually notified the winner privately last week.  StaticWhite was the winner.

Thank you all for who entered and please keep entering for your chance to win!

Secondly...I am not doing a giveaway for Christmas.  I am pretty swamped now.  But I have decided to do a black Friday Sale.  I know many of you are tight on cash, so I thought I would make it fun.  At 12:01am (just past midnight) all my items in my shop will be discounted 30% off.  The only exclusion will be anything made to order.  It will state in the body of the description if it is made to order.  Usually at the bottom near the "Measurements".  The sale will go through 6am.  At 6:01 it will be 20% off until 9am, and then 10% off for the remainder of the weekend.  I am adding new pieces and fluffing my stock to get ready for the sale.  I will not increase any of my prices.  They will stay as they are, and be discounted from there.  So make sure you add what you want to your cart now.  So that you can checkout quickly.  I have never had a 30% off sale before.  Sooo get your trigger finger ready.

Here is the time line again (all CST):
Black Friday - 12:01 am to 6:00am 30% off (prices will reflect the discounted)
Black Friday - 6:01am to 9:00am 20% off (prices will reflect the discounted)
Friday 9:01am to Sunday 8pm 10% off (prices will reflect the discounted)

There is this great tool on Craftopolis, it enables you to change your prices for sales.  So all sales will use this tool going forward.  No more refunds or waiting for a combined invoice.  How nice!  This makes shopping and seller a whole lot easier.   If you are not currently using Craftopolis, why not? 

New for BellaLili

Last but certainly not least...

Also I have been hard at work designing my calendars.  I have two different version almost completed.  One features my skull and darker items.  The other is chalked full of sparkle.  They are 12 month calendars.  Actually they were 16 month, but I haven't had time to finish them before now.  If they are well received, I will offer them again next year.  Its a great way to have tons of BellaLili without being a hoarder!  ;)

Thx again everyone, and Happy Holidays, however you choose (or not too) celebrate them.

~ Autumn