Valiant Heart + Rebellious Soul

Inner workings of the Dark

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Often I struggle with how much info to share when I offer a piece of my work for sale.  Normally each piece is a word, a phrase or a thought to complete a sentence, the sentences combine over time to tell a tale.  Some tales are newly begun and in their infancy, they haven't matured completely.  Other times they are past their first blush of youth, without the vigor of teenage passion, and are the soft guiding touch of maturity.

In the off chance that you are curious about my darker pieces... let me to share some thoughts and insights.

Allow me to paint a picture, my ideas and thoughts are the ink and my words are the brush to make this tale come to life.  "UnderDark" is a collection which has been heavily inspired by H.R. Giger, The Chronicles of Riddick, Session 9, Event Horizon, Pandorum just to name a few.  Musical influences such as the song "Counting Bodies Like Sheep" by A Perfect Circle, "Narcissistic Cannibal" by Korn,  "This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson, are the types of F@#k you middle to the world, I am gonna be who I want to be and take my black eyeliner with me.  Is the kinda of attitude of this series.

We are the tattooed, every color of hair natural & unnatural, chains and buckles galore.  Standing there staring at you with unblinking eyes. Completely at ease with ourselves, while you are drowning in the echoes of your own insecurities. We do not judge, we simply are.  With every blink of your eye, the layers of posturing and pretenses are shred away, like a child's view finder toy.  Click, click click.

Who are you?  Have you survived the crucible of youth and become a stronger person?  Or have you be swept away by masses?

I love making unexpectedly beautiful things, balancing on a knife's edge of convention and risque.  I am able to loose myself in the process of balancing conflicting imagery.  Redefining the canons of Goth (the word Goth vexes me, by the way its so vague and not an accurate description of my work).

If I can create something that speaks to you, which you are able to connect with on a visceral level.  Hopefully that connection, empowers you to be the best version of yourself.  If that comes to pass, then I have achieved my goal. You do not have to had tattoos, have a wardrobe of mostly black, or hate all things conventional, you do not have to be anything other than comfortable in your own skin.  Because at the end of the day, that is exactly where you should be, it is home.