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Gypsy Bangles a Storyteller's Art

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concept sketch 2011
Did you know that these Bangles started life as a rough sketch in my "art journal" years ago?  Only to gather dust and wait patiently for their turn?  And I am so glad that they did.

Gypsy is a pregnant word, heavy with many meanings and hidden depths.  Gypsy, such a few short letters to encompass:  magic, storytellers, nomads, free spirit, artists, unconventional, freedom, unpretentious, strength, whimsy, industrious, unfettered, sinful temptations, and mysterious secrets.

Gypsy and Boho (short for Bohemian) have become a staple in my recent works.  Its a new direction which allows for more art and less perfection.  For awhile I sought a tidy perfection in finished work, just to see if I could.  Once I reached a point where folks would ask me if I made things, because they assumed I had bought them pre-made and just added jewels. It was time for me to choose my next challenge.  This challenge is the polar opposite, of perfection.  Allow myself to not over design and to be more organic in composition.  Its a more raw and personal experience as an artist.

My wandering creative journey of a Gypsy is a small glimpse into my soul.

The above Gypsy Bangles, dubbed "Storyteller", they come in short stacks (3 pieces), medium stacks (5 pieces) and tall stacks (7 pieces).  This weeks shop updates has 7 Medium stacks and 1 Short stack.  With more to come soon.

Each set are different and unique, one of a kind.  Designed and paired, as I would personally recommend to wear them.  Various widths, fits and textures within the set, so that they wear very well.  If you have ever tried to wear a set of 5 bangles all the same size, they can be very lackluster, these are anything but.  Storyteller sets include: hinged, hook & eye, rigid bangles that slide over the wrist or cuffs.

There is even a set for my Rubenseque ladies, at 9"+ (B112), all the way down to my petite sprites at 6"+(B11), with the majority sized for average wrists.

"Storyteller" can be worn all on one wrist, or split 3/2 on both wrists.

Please be sure to check all the details of what went into each set, they are a feast for the senses.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Warmly ~ Autumn