Valiant Heart + Rebellious Soul

Meet Autumn, the Creative Genius behind BellaLili™

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I cannot remember anytime in my life, that art did not play a significant role. Metal is my medium of choice.

My love affair with Jewelry started small. I needed something red, for the Air Force ball. I learned so much by deconstructing  store bought baubles, into something more my style. Since then, It seems like, I have tried almost every technique available to create jewelry. Costume jewelry is where I learned what a life changing tool, a torch can become.  Silver, is where I found my calling.  The next horizon is gold.  Find me on, most any social media to see what I am up too. 😀

Each item is handcrafted with a torch & a bit of magic in a modest, Texas studio.

 as a child I always had paint stained hands

A lifetime as an Artist

Autumn was always an artsy kid with paint stained hands and harebrained ideas.  A lifetime of dancing to beat of her own drum.  Even a stint in the military and as an HR professional couldn't dampen her creative passions.

 Isabella & Liliana

For my Daughters

BellaLili™ is an open love letter to my daughters, Isabella (Bella) & Liliana (Lili).  They are the namesake of my dream and the heart of BellaLili.  I am one proud Mama.  I couldn't be prouder of them as individual human beings.  Girls this ones for you.

 Tools of the Trade

Made the hard way

Each item is handcrafted with a torch & a bit of magic in a modest New Braunfels, Texas studio. Autumn makes beautiful things from quality materials because she believe each one is a representation of who she is.